Miss B is 9 months | {Snoqualmie Family Photographer}

The first year flies by too quickly. So many milestones and firsts. I last saw Miss B 3 months ago. She wasn’t quite sitting up by herself. Fast forward, and this sweet girl is sitting, pulling up and standing holding on to things. She is full of smiles, laughs and personality. I thought we’d be taking indoor photos today, and we were totally blessed with a one hour window where the sun came out and we could venture outdoors–thank you Seattle! I can’t wait to see you all again in 3 months! Enjoy your sneak peek….
Bailey 9 months 12webBailey 9 months 15webBailey 9 months 16webBailey 9 months 17webBailey 9 months 20webBailey 9 months 26webBailey 9 months 31webBailey 9 months 06webBailey 9 months 04web


Welcome Miss Baylee | {Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer}

I have been looking forward to meeting Miss Baylee for a few months.  I first met her parents when I photographed her big brother for his newborn photos seven years ago.  I am thrilled to be asked to photograph Miss Baylee for her.  She is beautiful and was just a dream today.  Thank you for letting me be a part of her first photoshoot!


Enjoy your sneak peek!
Baylee Newborn 02webBaylee Newborn 03webBaylee Newborn 04webBaylee Newborn 05webBaylee Newborn 06webBaylee Newborn 07webBaylee Newborn 08web


Roberts Family

This family is one of my favorites ever to photograph…I might have said that before. I’ve been doing their photos since Max (big brother) was about 5 months old. I so look forward their session every year.  We ended up on a forest trail this year and beautiful weather. I love seeing the different approaches these two little guys have to life!!   Thank you for sharing your family with me this day—I hope that these photos will bring smiles to a family that deserves some special smiles right now.


Roberts 2016 03webRoberts 2016 05webRoberts 2016 08webRoberts 2016 11webRoberts 2016 17webRoberts 2016 18webRoberts 2016 19webRoberts 2016 20webRoberts 2016 23webRoberts 2016 28webRoberts 2016 30webRoberts 2016 34web


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